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  2. Hello

    My name is Joachim.

    I build websites.

    I specialise in designing, building, implementing and managing websites.

    I use the Drupal content management system on all my sites. Drupal offers flexibility and scaleability which allows me to create the most effective, future proofed sites.

    If you need a new site or a refresh of your existing web presence, please get in contact.


    Jo has built us a clean and professional website for a very reasonable price

    -- Tim Bisley, CEO AVM
  3. Drupal

    Powerful content management system (CMS)

    You'll need to be able to update and manage your website yourself once it has been built. This is where a content management system (CMS) comes in.

    I specialise in Drupal - award-winning CMS technology. It's considered the no.1 content management system trusted by everyone from small businesses to large organisations.

    It's Open Source technology, so there are no licence costs. It's a very powerful tool.

    Read more about Drupal
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    Responsive design

    Making your website work on all devices

    More and more people are using their phones and tablets to browse the web. A lot of websites just aren't geared up for this; they either don't work or need you to pinch and zoom before you can read the tiny font or use the menus.

    My sites are built with the 'mobile first' principle in mind. The design and layout of the website change according to the devices you're using to browse.

    Responsive design
  5. My work

    I've worked as a project manager and built lots of websites.

    Some of them tend to have a healthcare link. This is because of my day job as a web project manager for Cambridge University Hospitals; one of the countries leading NHS healthcare providers.

    I believe websites can help improve peoples lives and be a force for good. All of the projects I work on have this principle at their core. I don't have any arms dealers in my portfolio.

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